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How can we get better? Please leave comments or join the subreddit. As a volunteer organization “The Contact Project” is always looking for people that can help move the project along. When the app has been developed the best way to help is to download and use the app. The app is currently named “UFO Alert!”, but that name is just a “working title”.

There’s a long to-do list, these items are the most urgent:

1. The “Contact App” needs to be developed. We’re looking for open source developers with an interest in UAP and SETI. The development project is on

2. Please spread the word about the “Contact Initiative” on social media:

The more people know about it, the greater our momentum will be.

3. We need expertise of all sorts (organizing, marketing, crowdfunding, NFTs, promotions, outreach, board members, sponsors, legal advice, etc).

If you can help please drop a message here:

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