The Mission of ‘The Contact Initiative’ is to investigate UAPs/UFOs on every possible frequency, using real-time tracking, radio receivers and transmitters, HD video, HD images, optical and radio telescopes and passive & active radar, so that the question of the nature and origin of UAP can be answered without doubts.

The engine of this initiative will be an app custom designed to coordinate real-time reporting, alerting, documenting and contacting efforts.

Anyone can take part, there’ll be a public as well as a science data channel.

The goal of the ‘Contact Initiative’ is to gather high quality evidence and, if possible, find out if UAP react to radio transmissions. Should the UAP respond on radio amateur frequencies, great! If not, then HAMs are out of luck. But not the Contact Project.

This is METI (messaging ETi) with a target that’s possibly already here. A statement was issued by the METI organization regarding messaging extraterrestrial intelligence (statement here).

That statement calls for a worldwide scientific, political and humanitarian discussion about the implications of messaging ET, before anything is initiated. Since UAPs first made headlines in 1947 there’s been a worldwide discussion about them. Since 1947.

Much of humanity reacted like an ostrich, sticking it’s head in the sand when hearing UFO reports. Or like three monkeys. Which comparison do we prefer?


Did it never occur to anyone that these phenomena may be more than swamp gas or the result of delusions? Sadly, as a result of the swamp gas hypothesis, the METI statement covers only METI targets outside of Earth.

METI might wish to reconsider their statement. Maybe using the acronym “UAP” is more palatable than the old-fashioned “UFO”. Whatever it takes. Because currently METI has no discernible position on contacting UAPs, to the best of my knowledge.

METI says:
ETI’s reaction to a message from Earth cannot presently be known.

CI: We already know that there was no reaction from UAPs to the Voyager space probes and the Golden Records.  If extraterrestrial civilizations have a presence near Earth they will certainly be able to monitor our news and events.

METI says:
We know nothing of ETI’s intentions and capabilities, and it is impossible to predict whether ETI will be benign or hostile.

CI: Experience shows that when UAP are pursued by military jet fighters they don’t react hostile. Civilian planes are not attacked either. It’s reasonable to assume that the intelligence behind UAPs is mostly benign.

“The threat to humanity from each other is magnitudes greater than from ETi.  That hasn’t and shouldn’t stop us from talking to each other and that includes ETi.”

The Contact Project

All sorts of explanations about UFOs and their prospective occupants have been given, from the no-contact rule of a Galactic Federation to higher dimensional frequencies that mortals can join only after exhaustive preparation.

I didn’t make up the Galactic Federation link to UAPs, this claim comes from highly decorated former Israeli Space Security Chief Haim Eshed.

Healthy skepticism is of course in order as most sightings have a prosaic explanation, ranging from misidentifications to pranks and hoaxes. But they don’t account for every sighting.

To admit in 2021 that some UAP cannot be explained away was a major step forward by the US government.

The Contact Initiative wants to find out if there is just one UAP that will respond to radio transmissions. And that is easy.

And to prepare for the possibility of a positive response from an UAP? Not so easy.

That’s all.

Why I’m doing this now in 2021:
During April 2020 I had a lot of time on my hands. It was the first Corona lockdown in Germany. I decided to sort through old 35 mm negatives in an old drawer in our basement. The drawer serves as a storage box.

As I was pulling the film strips through the scanner, I came across negatives from England, where I had lived in 1995. Between those negatives were two frames of particular interest.

Ilford XP2 35 mm film, 1995

Ilford XP2 film frames 7 and 8 showed an UAP. I was not prepared to find these pictures. I had completely forgotten this UFO sighting for 25 years. The only other two people who knew about it were my friend and her father who were with me when the sighting took place.

I shot two exposures of the object whilst driving in a straight line at 70 mph on the motorway.

I remember when the film came back from the lab in 1995 that I was very disappointed how small and blurry the object came out. The blurry camera images are not as good as what I saw with my own eyes that night.

And then I forgot completely about this sighting.

In 2020 I was quite excited by my rediscovery of the film. I purchased a digital microscope to look at the negatives in more detail.

I scanned the negatives and sent a report to BUFORA, the British UFO Research Organization. The sighting had taken place in the UK, after all. BUFORA suggested that what I had seen was an advertising blimp parked near the M6 motorway.

Advertising blimp? What I had seen was white without advertising on it. The whiteness wasn’t an effect of overexposure. It didn’t have any markings. You can’t know that unless you actually were sitting with me in the Landrover in 1995.

The object had also decreased in size by 25% whilst we approached it. Odd characteristics for a stationary advertising blimp. To get smaller the blimp would have to have traveled faster than 70 mph. But a blimp top speed is only 55 mph.

I took out a ruler and measured angles and distances from the two photos. The straight lane divider on the motorway made it possible for me to actually triangulate distance, speed and size of the object.

The triangulation gave me an even higher speed for the object:


But who knows? Maybe I made a calculation error and someone can give me a better speed, distance and size estimate.

UFO Alert!
That leaves me with the question: what did I see?

This is the reason I am stepping forward, now.
Here I present my idea of how to find an answer for the question, are UFOs of Alien origin?, once and for all:

The UFO Alert! app.
It’s a work in progress. To be precise, the project is currently (15. Dec. 2021) in the brainstorming stage.

The project can grow by discussion and criticism and is adaptable. It would be nice to engage radio amateurs to try and make contact. But it’s not a requirement. A search partner can be anyone who cares.

For discussions, the Contact Project has a page on Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/contactproject. I can also be reached on multiple social media channels, email and contact forms.



Keywords: crowdsourced, automated alert system, distributed, public and specialized observers, smartphone app, passive radar operators, proactive HAM radio operators, gigapixel camera operators, CETI, METI, SETI, commercial funding