1962: Radio Blast from Earth to the Stars: 13.25 billion times more powerful than the Arecibo Transmission!

Did anyone hear us?

In 1974, the strongest intentional radio signal ever was sent into space by humans. It’s strength was an impressive 20 trillion watts. This is enough electricity to power 1.4 million homes for a year (Ref. 1). The Arecibo signal’s objective was to contact ET.

However, 12 years earlier, a considerably stronger radio signal was sent from Earth. The nuclear Russian Tsar Bomba burst in 1962 delivered 5.3 yotta watts of energy. (That bomb was not intended to contact ET, but rather to intimidate the United States).

We know that five percent of a nuclear explosion’s energy is discharged as radio waves – the Tsar Bomba therefore fired 13.25 billion times more energy into space than the Arecibo broadcast.

Any ET with a radio is much more likely to hear Earth’s nuclear detonations before the SETI signal—12 years before, to be exact.

What do nuclear explosions tell ET about Earth?

Nuclear explosions are fairly drastic events. The radio signatures of nuclear explosions are distinct. They speak of intelligence and stupidity at the same time.

Worldwide, more than 2,000 nuclear bombs have detonated since 1945. This madness ended in 1962, with the biggest explosion of them all, the Tsar Bomba.


Nuclear Trinity Test site, alleged Roswell UAP crash site, Air Base of nuclear bomber Enola Gay
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I am intrigued by the close proximity of these three sites to each other:
The first nuclear explosion at the Trinity test site occurred in 1945 approximately 62 miles from the reported 1947 Roswell UFO crash site in New Mexico.

Roswell was the home of the Walker Air Force base for the Enola Gay bomber, which delivered the first nuclear payload used in war to Hiroshima in 1945. The base was close to the alleged Roswell UFO crash site.

The Roswell UFO crash is not something I “believe” in on a regular basis.

Time moves backward

Let’s suppose there exist advanced extraterrestrials that have discovered a way to travel faster than light. Most physicists agree that this is impossible. Because according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, travelling faster than light means that time moves backward.

What if, at this very moment, extraterrestrials residing on a star 62 light-years away from Earth received the Tsar bomb’s electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and chose to determine its source?

They construct an FTL ship and direct it toward the area where Earth was 62 years ago in space.

They arrive in 1962 and learn about Earth’s history, and decide to go back even further in time, to 1945, to prevent the nuclear holocaust in Japan.

The Trinity test site, the site of the first nuclear explosion on Earth, and Walker Air Force Base, the airfield from where the Enola Gay bomber aircraft launched its first run, were both selected as their target locations.

But their mission failed, and they crash-landed in 1947, too late to change history. Temporal space calculations are inherently tricky, it seems. And maybe the past can’t be changed to make a substantial difference.

I’m not saying that we should set off nuclear bombs to attract the attention of ET. Earth has already done that.

Do you think ET sees these explosions as a threat? Or that they interpreted these as humanities appeals for help, like shipwrecked sailors setting off flares in the night?

I think the latter is the case.

Today, in 2024, 62 years have passed since the detonation of the Tsar Bomba. The EMP signal has travelled outward from Earth at the speed of light since then. Since then, it has reached and passed by over 1500 stars. In this 62 light-year radius, we find hundreds of systems that have Earthlike planets. Within 32.6 light-years alone, there are 104 exoplanets listed, as confirmed by the NASA Exoplanet Archive.

“We should find extraterrestrial life within 60 light-years,
if Earth is average, professor claims”

We should not be astonished if someone comes to check us out; it is a possibility.


N1 = 20 trillion watts = 20 terra watts = watts
N2 = 5.3 yotta watts = 5.300.000.000.000 terra watts = 5.300. watts

N1/N2 = can be written as Two hundred sixty-five billion.

Radio energy of Tsar
5% of 265 Billion = 13.25 Billion > 1 Arecibo.


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